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The company that we represent in the USA began making PLA compostable milk bottles in 2004. They may have been the first company in the world to produce a PLA bottle for dairy products. We can still provide the white preforms as well as the transparent ones. Our compostable full bottle shrink sleeves can be added for an amazing marketing tool. This way the full compostable milk bottles becomes an advertisement.
compostable milk bottles

Compostable milk bottles, how it started.

Some history of our PLA milk bottles

At the start of the dairy production line in 2004, our CEO asked himself the question. “Why are organic and all- natural products actually packed in petroleum bottles and why is there no plant-based alternative?”
At that moment, the search for an alternative started. And later that same year, this alternative was found in PLA. A 100% plant-based bioplastic that does not contain petroleum or other harmful substances.
As far as we know, this may have been the first company in the world to develop plant-based PLA compostable milk bottles. All this more than 15 years ago. To this day, we still ask ourselves the same question———————- “Why are organic and natural products actually packed in petroleum bottles?” It never had any logic behind it—and it still has no logic.

By using PLA bottles when packaging milk, yogurts, drinking yogurts, etc., a 100% natural end product can be created. No toxic packaging for your natural product. In our opinion, there are countless advantages.
Our Compostable milk bottles are 100% compostable in an industrial composting facility. They are 100% safe to incinerate if they end up in the incinerator and if this is present, our bottles can also be recycled perfectly as mono-stream PLA at a special PLA recycler.
Various end of life solutions that you can use to set yourselves apart from the “crowd” as a company. Your CO2 footprint will be reduced with the use of our bottles and having 100% plant-based packaging adds value to your product line.

To make optimal use of the marketing we can also supply full bottle plant-based shrink sleeves. This makes the entire bottle usable from top to bottom as a means of communication to the customer.
If you are interested in the possibilities of our compostable milk bottles for your company and brand, please feel free to contact us.

All in all, it was time we started developing a 100% plant-based compostable cap. It took almost five years of trial and error to develop a compostable closure, but our biodegradable water bottles, cap, and label are finally 100% plant-based. A product that can be processed in recycling, compost installations, boilers, and/or possibly digested in a digester that has been in continued research and development for almost a decade.
At the moment, our PCO1810 preform and closure is ready for mass production. This 23.5-gram preform with a 28mm neck has a light blue color and is suitable for 500 ml. bottles.

Milk deserves a plant-based bottle

Why do we put our natural products into oil based packaging? it does not make sense. Plant-based packaging is a much better alternative. Use PLA bottles for all natural product and create a better planet.


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Cruise ship plastic free
catering uses compostable milk bottles

Ideal closed loop location for water bottles

Our 90% - 90% rule

We distribute our plant-based biodegradable water bottles only within “closed-loop” venues, whereby used containers are collected on-site and undergo proper end-of-life processing. Our goal is to get 90% of the PLA bottles back after use, 90% of the time. Collecting the bottles and send them to the right end of life option. We, therefore, look at closed loop locations for our products.
A lot of locations can be set up as a close loop location. Some are better equipped than others to become a fully closed loop for our bottles. Ideal locations for a closed-loop are catering companies, events, restaurants, cruise lines, hospitals, airports, airlines.
Our PLA bottles have multiple end of life solutions. Every end of life has its own benefits and together with our clients, we decide per location the best end of life solution. We monitor the outcome of the collection and will support getting the highest returns of our plant-based bottles of water.

Becoming a partner for our PLA bottles

Does your company need to lower CO2, create a circular environment, lower costs for waste pickup and become single-use plastic free? We supply a full package to create all of this in a closed-loop situation.
With a combination of our unique bio plastic products, other compostable products and our special digester machines we can create this solution for your location. Our digester will compost all bio-plastics and all food waste within 24/48 hours into liquid compost that can be stored and sprayed over the land or transported into the sewage system if needed. This way locations all over the world can be made more environmentally friendly without the need for an external waste facility.
With our solution you can create your own closed-loop location.

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