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Plant-based packaging - composttable packaging


We have over 2.500 connections within plant-based material industry. Manufacturers, Plant-based packaging suppliers, material and product developers, environmental specialists etcetera.


projects done

More than 50 different project big or small have been done by our company. We are proud of every individual one.


biggest project

Our biggest Plant-based packaging project we are working on has a estimated production for 2022 of 15 million bio-plastic product.

Material choices


PLA, PBS, PHA, PBAT, PA, PCL, PE, PHVB and PP. Do you know which one to use? And that’s only the frequently used bio-based or biodegradable plastics. We have partners that work with every different kind of bio-plastic. And per case, we are going to determine which of the bio-plastic will fit your product best.

Other materials

We can also look at the other plant-based materials that are available. Think about a bamboo or pulp material for your packaging. Even combination of different plant-based materials is possible. 

End of life solutions

Different end of life solutions

Every plant-based material has its own set of end-of-life solutions. Most bio-plastics and other plant-based materials have multiple end-of-life solutions to choose from. Together with you, as a client, we can look at the best end-of-life solution for your project. Taking into account the manufacturing process, the consumer, and the regulation within the countries the products are sold. 

Some of the end-of-life solutions that plant-based products have: 

Industrial composting
Home composting
Chemical recycling
Mechanical recycling
Animal feed additives

supporting the switch

Stepping away from fossil plastic

Do you want to lower your companies CO2 emission?  Do you want to become a greener company? We can support you in doing so. 

If you are in need of suppliers for plant-based products for your company canteen or your event. We have a wide range of suppliers of bio-plastic and plant-based products. 
We can get your company fully fossil single-use plastic-free. 


So do you use fossil plastic with in your company and you want to know if there is an alternative that is plant-based? Let us know and we will dive into this, and if it’s there, we will find it. And if it’s not there we will tell you why and if there is an option to create it. 

What to do with the fossil plastic waste

So you want to change? And you want to renew the existing fossil plastic products in your organization with plant-based ones? Let us help with this. 
We are working together with several recyclers and product designers/artist that can create something new from your plastic waste. something useful for your company or the community. 

Plant-based packaging - Regulation and research


Is it aloud to put your industrial compostable packaging into the green bin? What end of life stream do the different countries have when it comes to normal house hold waste? What impact does the EU green deal has on your product and packaging? Al questions that we have to look at when changing to plant-based material. 


We work together with well-known research organizations with state of the art facilities. Doing test for home or industrial compostability is now only a matter of time, without any hassle. 

The story to tell

Your consumers

And why do we do all the efforts – Changing to plant-based material. Is it because;

  • we can lower our CO2 emission,
  • want to use renewable resources,
  • use more renewable energy,
  • lower the water use of our packaging,
  • lower the energy use of our packaging and product?
  • apply within the EU regulations?
  • stop using fossil plastic in every corner of the company.

What ever your reasons are. The story you tell to your suppliers, consumers, employees and everybody connected to your company needs to be correct. 

We can support you with the data and if your marketing department need help, we can find a good support system for them as well. 

Plant-based packaging Machinery and manufacturing


An important part of the switch to plant-based is producing the new material. If you have your own production facility we will be searching for solutions to use your own machines with the plant-based material. Most of the time that’s possible with ejectment to the exciting machines. plant-based foils are often thicker, or need less pressure and heat to press into a shape. 

Sometimes exciting machines are not going to do the trick and we need add-ons or fully new machines for producing the plant-based materials. Then one of our many partners can support in making your new machine park. 


Do you need a manufacturer for your new plant-based product or plant-based packaging? Let us look for the right partner. 
We have connections all over the world, to support you as a product owner, and connect you with the best manufacturers of plant-based products/packaging. 

Satisfied Customers

composting machine - digester - food waste composter - GS-food waste digester.com - aerobic enzymatic break down of food waste

We Take Pride In Pioneering A Revolutionary Waste Management Solution

At GS-Food Waste Digesters, we’re on a mission to revolutionize food waste management and promote environmental sustainability. Our innovative digesters (composting machines) offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, process food waste on a hygienic way and safe money. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, we provide efficient digestion of food waste and packaging materials alike. By harnessing the power of enzymes, our digesters ensure that organic waste is effectively broken down, contributing to cleaner, healthier communities. Join us in our journey towards a greener future, where waste becomes a valuable resource and sustainability is the cornerstone of every operation.

Our technology directly addresses several pressing environmental concerns:

  1. Reduced CO2 Emissions from Garbage Trucks:
    Traditional food waste disposal methods heavily rely on frequent collections by garbage trucks, resulting in substantial CO2 emissions. By eliminating the need for these polluting vehicles, our approach significantly reduces carbon footprint.
  2. Mitigation of Methane Emissions from Landfills:
    Food waste deposited in landfills generates substantial methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. By diverting food waste from landfills, our technology plays a crucial role in reducing methane emissions and combating climate change.
  3. Elimination of Unsanitary Waste Containers:
    Conventional green containers used for food waste storage often pose hygiene concerns, emitting foul odors and attracting pests. Our solution provides a cleaner, odor-free, and environmentally friendly alternative, ensuring a more pleasant waste disposal experience.

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